How much lying are we supposed to endure?

Hi again, I've been posting a lot because I'm entirely alone (not one single family member or friend) and one of my major issues is deciding where my boundaries should be as a wife of a severe ADHD-er,  how much I'm supposed to endure, and if I should keep trying or truly get away. Having outside perspective helps very much so thanks in advance one again for reading/helping.

So please tell me what you would do:

My husband is a compulsive liar. I did not discover he was until 10 years into our relationship, he's just that good. Then a few years back he came out that lying was his way or survival as a child, and it was almost always a positive outcome for him. He readily admits he has an issue with it, and wants to fix it. He swears he will stop. But the issue continues. His lies primarily surround work.

About 3 times a year or more, I notice paychecks have stopped coming and are very late. By this point I recognize the subtle diversions and excuses he'd been giving for those delays for weeks to months. During this time he swears up and down his work is complete, and it's whatever client being away on vacation, or accounting error, or other seemingly understandable issue keeping the money from coming in.  Eventually I am able to se e through it and I discover the reason is actually him not delivering finished work on time. The deficit in work by this point is so large, it takes a month or two of hell (me doing everything els so he only works...slowly) to rectify the situation. Then eventually the cycle begins anew.

Aside from the issues of trust in our marriage (which I'll get to), it prevents me from having the facts of where we are financially. Which prevents me from keeping to budgets and planning to where we are realistically and accommodating for our family of 6 (we have 4 children to care for) effectively. His lies essentially keep me from reality and the right to choose what's right for my family and my own life.

The reason I keep giving him more chances are his awareness and ownership of the problem, and his genuine intent to stop.  And for awhile things are as they should be. But slowly and unnoticeable the lying worms its way back in, snowballing back into a financial/career catastrophe I have to get us out of somehow. And so it begins again.

I just found out Tuesday he'd done it again. Aside from the financial and career issues, I feel so betrayed and disrespected. I check in with him every week, and ask him to please be honest if theres an issue with work. I tell him how the lying is what hurts more than anything, and how much our marriage needs trust built now more than ever. He then looked me in the eyes every time and said " I understand why you don't trust me, honey. But I promise that's not happening anymore. I wouldn't do that to you again". And to my horror, I believed him every time.

I feel like such a chump for trusting the word of someone who has lied our entire marriage. I feel like an idiot for believing my well-being meant more to him than his own ego or fears. I feel like I don't know who I'm married to.

Anyway...would you continue trying with someone like this who keeps breaking trust with lies but who is genuinely owning the problem and wants it fixed? I've dealt with it so long...this along with all the other ADHD issues. I feel unloved and like there's no hope for my future.