how much of the omega-3's daily???

the more i read on the internet, the more i ??? the real truth!!!! please tell me how much of the omega-3's i should take?? i have no medical insurance because brain surgery 15 years-ago. i'm trying to fix myself, not a easy task. But for the first time in my life i understand what's going on in my head. My family dr. is trying different meds to help me. i have lots of HOPE!!!

Personally, I haven't noticed

Personally, I haven't noticed much difference in myself from taking the omega-3's. But, the supplement that HAS made all the difference in the world for me is vitamin B12. I take a good multivitamin every morning first thing, along with 1000mcg of B12. Then, I take two or three more doses of B12 throughout the day. I bounced around on different meds for a while before my brother (who was recently diagnosed and starting seeing a new psychiatrist who really knows his stuff) told me about the B12. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle for me. With just my adderall, it felt like there was some benefit, but it was falling short somehow. With the B12, suddenly things just click. My adderall works great now. Oh, I also take vitamin D3 regularly. I like to think it helps. I know a lot of people swear by the omega-3's (or 3-6-9), but for me, I just don't notice much difference. My husband, who is also ADHD, can't take the omega-3. It makes him instantly and very violently ill. But, when he tried the B12, he noticed the same sudden clarity and focus that I did. (For him, the gummy B12's work best, but for me a combo pill called "Super B Complex" seems to be the most effective. There are a few different ways of getting the B12, and you might want to try them all and see which one works best for you personally.) Finding the right meds is sometimes a long and arduous journey. But, in my experience, the supplements can really make a big difference in how well certain meds work. Oh, regular exercise is key for me, as well. Anything to boost the dopamine levels naturally helps. Best of luck in your work to get things more on track.

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Although, be aware... The

Although, be aware...

The recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12 is only 2-3 mcg a day, though the body can store up to 2000-5000 mcg.

It's also a water soluble vitamin, so whatever your body doesn't use or store gets dribbled out into the toilet ASAP.

That said, there's certainly nothing harmful in taking mega-doses of it, either...  If nothing else, it'll sure that you aren't experiencing a deficiency: "At levels only slightly lower than normal, a range of symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and poor memory may be experienced. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause symptoms of mania and psychosis."



That does certainly bare

That does certainly bear noting, and I've heard it all from my ever-doubting doctor. But, whether it makes sense or not, I can't discount my personal experience. So I figure, as exceeding recommended doses isn't harmful, taking extra can't hurt, especially if it seems to be making a difference in how I feel and function. For me, I guess, better safe than sorry.

thank you ChaosQueen!!

thank you for posting!!! i feel alone in my walk with ADHD most of the time. so nice to hear from another female who has it too. so often it seems to me that this website is only for the very angry mates of ADHD. i don't like the anger!! i get enough of it from my family. God bless you and thank you for helping me!!! some supplements you can get to much of, 2 types of supplements-vitamins water soluble and fat soluble! water soluble V'S YOUR BODY loses them daily. fat soluble V's body teads to storge in your liver and other organs, if not used and can make you very sick or kill you!! so be careful with supplements!! they can hurt you!!! have a GREAT day friends!!  

We have to stick together

Us ADDers can use all the positive reinforcement we can get, which is why it's important to find a place to feel like we actually fit in. I feel much the same as you. I try to avoid the conversations that are filled with anger. If I don't I tend to get too involved in following them, it seems, just to let myself get worked up in response. (Thankfully, I don't often let myself actually respond.) But, there are parts of this site I do enjoy and find helpful, particularly tales and insights from others of my ADDled cohorts. There does seem to be more ADD men than women, for sure, but more and more I think that is shifting. (Or maybe my perspective in just skewed, since I have no sons but four daughters who all are ADD.) I don't like to think of ADD as a disability, or even particularly a disorder. For me, it's more of just a difference in wiring. I just see things differently, but I'm not so different from anyone else at my core. Kind of like living in a region vastly different from where you were raised. You all speak the same language, it's just that every else's accent sounds a little different than your own. Most of the time, your accent is just a funny quirk, but sometimes it takes a little extra effort to communicate effectively. But, then, when you hear someone speak with your native accent, it always feels a little more like home. Ya know? (Did that make any sense? I'm having sort of a rambly, extra-ADD day.)

And thanks for the tips on the supplements. As the resident, self-appointed ADD researcher/expert in a house full of ADD, I try to make sure I am well-educated about any new approaches we try out. I wouldn't give my husband or kids anything that might do them harm. I always try to make sure things I give them are safe and that I know all the possible restrictions or side effects, and then I usually try them out first, to see what they do for me (if at all appropriate). The only supplement we take that is way above the recommended amount is the B12, which I know to be water-soluble and therefore safe. But, I do need a good reminder now and again to be extra vigilant with any of those sorts of things. And I always appreciate help and advice from someone who knows more about these things than I do, since my health knowledge is mostly limited to things I have personal experience with or am particularly interested in. (My husband is a paramedic and about to start med school, so his poor brain gets picked a lot when it comes to medication/health matters.)

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I was just thinking...  The

I was just thinking...  The symptoms for B12 deficiency -- fatigue, depression, poor memory, mania, psychosis -- sound a lot like the basic symptoms for ADHD and a lot of other similar mental conditions.

It makes me wonder if a mild B12 deficiency is making things worse for you, and the supplement is clearing it up when you take it?



thanks ladies,P-bar, i'm very much familar with B-12

very familiar with B-12!!! i suggest to anyone taking it, use sublingual or liquid, lots of people can not utilize or absorb b-12!!!  it has kept me out of the hospital and infusion clinic for 6 years now. without B-12 i became deathly ill with anemia, my hemoglobin drop to 6[normal range is 11-16] for 10 years and drs didn't seem to care?? found a doc who did and it was off to the cancer clinic, that's where the blood doc was, i had iron infusions every tuesday for 10-12 weeks. they never found out what the cause was?? but someone told me the use sublingual B-12 AND I HAVE HAD GOOD # since then!!i try to take 5000 a day, because it is water soluble it flushes out with your pee.

Hi ChaosQueen, I take

Hi ChaosQueen,

I take Omega-3's, too, and I have to confess I don't notice a difference, either.  I have heard it helps mood, though, which I can use.  Also, while my regular cholesterol is ridiculously low (140's), my good cholesterol is not quite high enough.  Not that I'm worried, but it pisses me off that my husband's good cholesterol is the same as mine; trust me, it's not a meritocracy;)!  I guess I take Omega-3's in part out of pettiness!  He-he!

I'm going to try taking a B12 supplement.  If you notice that much of a difference, it must be true. The thing about ADHD is that our working memories are so bad that we would forget that we had taken the supplement, so if it was a placebo, you'd figure it out fairly quickly.  I should probably run this by my MD, though, because I already take the Omega's, a multivitamin and D3 (this really helps my moods).

Always great to get advice from those in the trenches!


P.S.  4 ADHD daughters? Holy crap!  Are they on meds?  I have 1 ADHD son, and that's a challenge. What's the age range?  Have any of them hit puberty yet?  I just got my period a few weeks ago after 1 1/2 years of nothing, thanks to my IUD... I had forgotten precisely how horrible my moods were and how my meds DO NOT WORK AT ALL when I have PMS.  I had wondered why I was so moody and felt like I had eaten Skittles instead of taking my Focalin.  Then, I found out!

I'd forgotten about the

I'd forgotten about the benefits the omega-3 can have on cholesterol. I guess I better start working them into my regular routine again. (Since I didn't feel any real benefit from them, I have been sort of hit or miss in taking them lately.) Thanks for the reminder.

As for my girls, thankfully none of them have hit puberty yet...although I swear my oldest and I fight the way I used to fight with my mom when I was a snotty teenager. My kids are 7, 5, 4, and 16 months. I tend to refer to them all as ADHD, but the baby is obviously too young to be diagnosed for quite some time still. The older two are both diagnosed and on ritalin. The three year old has been recently diagnosed, but we are holding of on meds with her for now. And, although my youngest is still way too young to tell, I know what I'm seeing at this point. Both my husband and I are ADD and I have now been through the close monitoring, diagnosis, and all that goes along with it with three kids in a row. So, I tend to think I may know what I'm talking about when I say I can clearly see the early signs of ADD in her. In fact, my little one shows MORE signs of ADD earlier on than any of my others have...which often scares the snot out of me if I let myself think about it too long. What really has me nervous, though, is a few years down the road when we'll have that many teenage girls in the house at the same time, ADHD or not!

As for our blessed female hormones and ADD, I had forgotten about what an impact that can have. That sure explains why, even though I've been diligent about meds and extra diligent about my personal strategies for managing my ADD, I have just not been able to stay on track or be productive enough for the past couple days. As a counselor I recently had a conversation with was saying, "Some days just aren't worth the pill."

Sounds like you are an

Sounds like you are an amazing mother to be able to cope with all of that and an ADHD husband as well.  I know how difficult every day is for me (though improving), and it sounds like you have a lot more on your plate!  I'm in awe! 

I know what you mean about fighting with your child the way you used to fight with your mom.  I have been guilty of this with my son.  I try, try, try, to time it so we are not unmedicated at the same time!  If my meds are operational and he has a morning meltdown, I can handle it infinitely better...

Yeah, hormones complicate everything.  I used to roll my eyes when watching sitcoms which depicted hormonal women, but now I know that there is truth to it.

And I believe it when you say you see it already in your youngest.  Life experience, genetics, and intuition are all powerful things!

Have a good day! :)