How much is too much when it comes to meds?

I know that I am not speaking to doctors when posing my question but I think y'all are almost better in terms of pooled knowledge :)

My husband was diagnosed 7 years ago and has taken Concerta all these years.  He had a limited "buy in" to what having ADD meant for him until last year when his world (and our marriage) started caving in.  Since then, he has been actively working with a psychiatrist to figure out his meds.  He was put on Welbutrin for depression last winter and that works well.  His Concerta mgs. have been played with over the last few months trying to find a good level.  Doc also added Ritalin boosters throughout the day.  So, here is the total list:

Concerta - am, Ritalin every 3 hours all day long (doc even suggested an 8:00 pm dose) Straterra in evening, Welbutrin and finally Guanfacine to help him go to sleep at night!

He hasn't touched the guanfacine yet, for which I am grateful.  He also isn't taking Ritalin past 5:00.

The doc put him on Straterra to help control impulsivity but neglected to mention side effects such as complete loss of libido and painful urination!  Hubby took himself off it last night - thank god!  Doc knows that we are trying to rebuild our sex life - why the heck would he put him on something that could potentially diminish it?

All this without requiring a physical, listening to his heart or checking his blood pressure monthly! 

My question is this; is this many drugs common for treating ADD?  Should I be concerned?  Should he be more closely monitored physically?  He is 48 years old and despite recent problems, I happen to like the guy and want to keep him around!

I mentioned it to my therapist today and she voiced her concerns.  She also said that all these drugs may be great for ADD but can also have a feeling numbing effect which won't help him feel in love with me anytime soon.


seems like a bit much

It's hard to know for sure. Meds do need to be tweaked. Taking something to help him sleep doesn't seem right. Can you get a second medical opinion? My ADD hubby takes Concerta and Wellbutrin. He's also on something for his cholesterol. He was taking some Ginkgo Biloba to help with the ED. I hear fish oil and aerobic exercise helps too! Just my personal experience and opinion for what it's worth...

I typed up a detailed

I typed up a detailed response and lost I will just take that as a sign to keep it simple..

Do research...

#1- Look into how Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera and Wellbutrin all effect the brain. How do they work? What brain chemicals do they increase?

#2-Look into the long term effects of 'over the top' production of these brain chemicals.

Some of these meds stimulate the production of the exact same brain some cases he's on 2 & 3 medications that are prompting the production of the exact same chemicals. (dopamine, for ex)  How much production in comparison to say cocaine or meth? I don't know for sure, just do the research. Concerta and Ritalin are the exact same medication...concerta comes in different dosing forms though.

I personally would seek a new doctor who isn't prescription happy. I am amazed your  husband can function. Just my opinion, and admittedly my experience is very limited.