How to navigate the fallout from positive change.

After being unemployed for way too long, and then screwing around with the hiring process for 3 weeks, DH is finally working.  

But, like always, now that he isn't around all the time, I'm getting bombarded with the stuff he didn't do.

I feel like every time something good happens, I start grumbling.  But it's justified. Yesterday he was sick at work, and I made him stay there (it was his second day.  It was a virus or minor food poisoning.  It hurt, you went to the bathroom a lot, but that was it.)  Then he came home and went to bed without telling me he was even home. (We have two preschoolers.  You need to tell the other parent what you are doing.) So day #2 of work and we're fighting.

Today is day #3.  I sit down to work and find out he didn't pay the internet bill AND has overdrawn the bank account.  

I really don't want to nag every single day,  but how do I address the problems that keep coming up?