How sad is it that I was ecstatic to see that H worked 8 hours out of an 80 hour paycheck?!

I'm still doing non-stop sleuthing of H's lies and half-truths. I just can't stop because I suspect that nearly everything he tells me anymore is a lie or an exaggeration of the truth. Even if he stopped lying I still couldn't stop trying to see if he's lying. It's past the point of ever being able to believe him again. Now not only am I checking phone/text records on an hourly basis, checking to see how often he is seen on Facebook during the work day, looking at stuff around the house (bed sheets not as I left them, dirty dishes), looking at his paychecks online to detect if he's been home all day but have now found that I can actually see his timekeeping online. Just found that out yesterday by looking at the website. It just solidified what I already knew. Sure I knew he stayed home last Mon-Thurs, but he left the house for work Friday and this past Mon-Wed but yet his timekeeping for last Fri and this past Mon-Tues said "8 hours unpaid time". Yesterday though, and I was pretty sure he was at work all day from what I could detect, and yes he did indeed work an 8 hour day yesterday. Actually a 7 hour day with an hour of sick time because he went in late! I was ecstatic to see this! How sad is that? So his paycheck, which if he worked an 80 hour week without taxes taken out should be $2920, will now instead be $292. He is supposed to have $270 taken out for child support. That won't happen. He is supposed to have $130 taken out to repay a work loan. That won't happen. He has also been having his wages garnished from a debt he never paid. That won't happen.He certainly won't be paying any bills.

I simply CANNOT fathom how he continues to do this on a daily basis knowing he has all these things he needs to pay off! And he has NO idea that I know he's lying to me. He thinks he is getting away with all of this, tricking me into thinking he goes to work. I even said to him yesterday "I keep making a big pot of coffee every morning but notice you haven't been taking your thermos with coffee into work like you used to so I guess theres no reason for me to do that anymore." He goes 'Yeah I just figure I'm pretty coffeed out by the time I get to work". I dressed up more than usual yesterday for work and when I got home he just kept saying "Wow you look really good today" and then he goes "Are there some new guys at work you are trying to look hot for?" Of course he takes it there! I almost said "Yeah I am trying to find a new that goes to his job and can pay his share of the bills!" Really, what does he think I see in him at this point? He doesn't work, he doesn't pay his share of anything, he drinks too much, he is obnoxious when he drinks. Man of my dreams!