How soon is "soon" to an ADHDer??

When I hear "soon" I'm thinking 15-20 minutes, but sometimes it could be up to hours! I'm so tired of waiting on my husband. If we have plans to run errands together or go out for the evening, he'll say to me (as he's sitting in front of his computer) "Are you ready to go soon?". To which I reply "I just need to get dressed". I should keep in mind that he is either still in his pajamas playing his video game that he's already been playing for hours or he's still in his work clothes playing his video game. So, silly me, I jump up and get dressed, do my hair and am ready to go in 15 minutes. Well he still hasn't moved from his video game. THen he'll come out and get another drink and go back to the computer. After another 45 minutes of me pacing about the house ready to go, he'll finally get off his computer but then announce that he needs to take a shower first. Arrgh! I could have been gone and been back by now. So I wait another 15 minutes for him to shower. But wait! He gets out of the shower with a towel around his waist and goes BACK to the computer!! He has to check the forum boards from his video game to see if anything has happened while he was in the shower. Then he'll have to check Facebook, email, etc. So about 30 minutes later he is finally ready to go.I don't start doing anything while waiting for him because I don't know how long he's going to be. I could have done a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, but no I just sit there twiddling my thumbs waiting on him. Then of course when he's finally ready to go, he gets annoyed if he has to wait on me for anything. I hear "Cmon, lets go!".


Just like when he announces to me that we are going to go out and then an hour later it's like he never said it. A couple of Saturday's ago he comes home from work at 6PM and announces that one of the guys is having a get together that night with sandwiches and beers, etc. and that he's thinks it would be fun to go but he needs an hour to chill out first. I am excited because we never go out much. He also announces that he wants to take a bath rather than a shower. Well he immediately goes to his computer and plays his video game.  An hour goes by and he still hasn't taken a bath. He comes out at nearly 8PM (still hasn't bathed) and starts making some stuff to eat. I say "So I take it we aren't going out?" He goes "Oh did you want to? I'm hungry and just wanted something to eat first". It's 8PM and you aren't just making a snack, you're grilling meat. Plus you said the guy was going to have food there. I just say to him "No that's okay we'll just stay home" because at that rate, we weren't going to get out of there until at least 9PM.