H's attitude had been great for 2 months...until yesterday!

H has been happy lately. Going to his job on a regular basis, in a good mood when I get home every night, talkative. He's been working with people he likes. He said his partner is awesome, his lead is awesome, but yet he wants to switch over to 2nd shift come Feb. He said he wants something new and it's to the point where he can't let others bring him down and just go into work and do his job. So he's really liked his partner and has said he's going through some rough times and he wants to help him out. Okay great.

Well yesterday I knew something was up before I got home just by the subtle things I found. I still check his clocking history on his work website to see when he gets in and when he leaves. Yesterday he clocked out an hour early. I figured he was either tired or sick or was upset with a coworker. An hour later he was on Facebook so I messaged him "Are you working OT?" which I knew he wasn't because I saw he clocked out earlier but I wanted to see his reasoning since he said he was going to work extra. He simply replied with "no". No reason why and no elaboration and no tellign me he was already home. Then he logged off. Another red flag that something was wrong. I get home and I see that the outside Christmas lights aren't plugged in, He has had them plugged in every night I've come home. Another red flag. I walk through the door and rather than get my usual happy "Hi Honey" and a kiss I get "Oh it's you". Big red flag. The litter box, which he promised he'd scrape every day he got home, wasn't scraped and he barely talked to me. I finally say "Have a good day?" and he goes "No. The job didn't get started until later and my partner was in la-la land all day and we made a mistake." Okay. You JUST told me the night before that you have to stop coworkers ruining your mood then you come home and rant about how it all went wrong. You had 4 hours to get this to of your system before I got home, yet here you are making me feel crappy because things didn't go quite right.

I hate the fact that I always come home in a good mood and my good mood continuing depends on his mood. If he's upset, I get quiet and withdrawn. If he's in a good mood, then we have a good night. He made himself a plate of food last night and didn't even ask me if I wanted anything. I didn't eat because I was too upset with his mood. He seemed fine later on but I am afraid he is going to get into a funk again. We have my company Xmas party tomorrow night and it wouldn't surprise me if he comes home tomorrow and goes "I'm tired. Do you mind just going by yourself?" Yes I mind! You've known about this for over a month and you've been excited about it and now you are backing out. He dos this all the time.