Hurting (cat 4 hurricane aftermath)

I met someone two months ago we were on honeymoon status until she said something was bothering her about us she didn't know what it was . I immediately asked her calmly what was wrong and she told me she wasn't ready to talk yet . That she would tell me when she was ready . I asked her to please tell me as I knew it was going to torture me with anxiety . She continued to refuse . That's when the hulk came over.. I raised my voice and said it was going to be detrimental to me if she didn't tell me  (that I wanted to know what it was so we could work it out..)after and only then she decides to tell me when the storm had turned into a cat 4)by than I'm taking roofs trees walls aparts and turning into rubles and debris

We are broken up . I didn't know how to control it... She is upset and very scared of me while I'm extremely remorseful and hurt.. 

She is now afraid I would do the same again . She felt betrayed and tells me she can't trust me again . I don't know what to tell her what to do