Husband of 10 years changes personality on medication (dexamphetamines, Tentin)

My husband, we've been together 10 years has recently been diagonsed with ADHD (a lot fell into place) but the medication has changed him over the last 6 months.

Not for the better, apart from he does a little bit more around the house in terms of housekeeping, but that's the only improvement. 

He also smokes about a gram of weed per day (we live in the Netherlands where this is legal) 

He was always arrogant, but his cockiness really got worse. And in outbursts he talks so much, rambles on and on and gets angry when I don't listen or haven't understood his "directions" or forget everything he said. He thinks he is making sense but I don't always understand the rants, and often I am also working or watching something and I have to stop everything I'm doing just to listen to him. If not, he gets mad. 

I get blamed for everything. I am a saboteur, I don't listen, I don't care..yadayadayada. It's come to a point I am looking to move out. We have no kids that will suffer, only cats.

Does anyone have experiences with a partner who changed on medication? And is there a chance it will change back at all?

My ADHD partner was never easy, but at least he was loving. Now, everything I say or do, he snaps at me. He thinks he can build a basement under our house by himself, and started taking on numerous projects in and around the house. I am trying to let him do one max two projects at the time. It pisses him off (because he has "momentum" and I'm killing it) but I have to manage this otherwise it will become a disaster. I know him to never finish anything. Now on meds he is finally finishing our bathroom after 18 months. But all the new projects are crazy "improvements" we don't need. But he feels creative. I don't want to take that from him, but he's driving me nuts. I just want to scream at him to shut up and leave me alone!

Before the meds I knew how to "deal with him" and now with the meds, all bets are off and all rules have changed. I don't have the will nor energy to start over.

I hope the change is temporary. I can't have a decent conversation with him about this. He will just get angry with me and accuse me of being a saboteur and that I don't want him to be happy. After everything I've done for him the past decade that alone really hurts my feelings and makes me feel I'm wasting my life with him.

I see a lot of similar experiences here, makes me feel I may not be crazy after all. Thank you all.