Husband with ADHD

Hi all,
My Husband was recently diagnosed with ADD.
I was so pleased for him that he finally had answers as to why he does things a certain way and such. The problem in having is coping with the way he answers questions. 
I find he gets very confused easily and will sometimes over explain a situation, or under explain it. Or the worst one is he'll almost disregard the question you ask him and jump in with a different answer to what would have come from a different question. 

I've witnessed him do this with Drs and such so it's not just me. I'm trying desperately to be supportive for him and not get frustrated but it's quite difficult sometimes as I suffer with anxiety which I'm getting help for but it sometimes feels like has trying to mislead me in some way. The logical part of me is sure he isn't and this is just part of his condition but other times the anxiety takes over. 

I really want to be there for him but I'm just trying to find out if anyone else has this difficulty with their partners. Or if you yourself has ADHD if you find this a problem for yourself? 

Any advice is really appreciated. X