Husband always has to go above his means to look like the good guy!

We currently have 2 cats. I'm happy with two. We used to have 3 and one died last year. It took me a long time to get used to 3 cats since I am a clean freak and am constantly cleaning up cat hair. I love them to death but am not looking to add to our brood. H was gung ho about getting a dog. No no no! A dog is too much work. He finally gave up on that idea and said we should get a kitten. I finally got on board with that after a few weeks and got excited about it and said we should go to the shelter that weekend. Well it seems like as soon as I got excited about a kitten he was no longer interested and never went to the shelter and stopped talking about it. Then he finds out his mom has like 30 strays in her barn and she offers to bring one out for us. H then tells her to bring 2. I really do not want 4 cats but he says we'll be helping her out by taking them. I'm sorry she has so many but that doesn't mean we need to become the crazy cat couple to help her out! This isn't a "Oh they are so cute and we are doing good by taking 2" because this is a 15-20 year commitment. I can totally see him regretting getting 2 on top of the 2 we have a few weeks after we get them. I foresee them peeing all over the house seeing as how they are outside cats, but he thinks we are doing good by helping her out.

Same goes for tipping. H can barely get by check to check and if I wasn't here to help out he would probably be living on the street. Yet he'll go out and have a $15 meal and leave a $10 tip because he feels the bartender or the waiter has to make enough to live. You aren't a millionaire...not even close! 20% of $15 is $3 and that is enough. I don't understand why he feels he needs to tip everyone above and beyond. We go to our usual bar and work up a $50 tab and I only give an $8 tip and he freaks out because I should have given them twice that. He thinks if we tip really well we'll get stronger drinks. Whatever! I am not flippant about giving my money to strangers because he seems to think that everyone workgin at a restaurant is nearly broke and needs his money to get by.

It's great that he's has that do-gooder spirit but I hate the fact that he does it to help others out when he can barely get by himself.