Husband does not want to see he might have ADHD - need advice please


New here. I realized 2 years ago that my husband most likely has ADHD and that it was at play in our marriage. He very begrudgingly got a quick assessment from a therapist - a multiple choice questionnaire in the waiting room - and then was told he has anxiety. I let it go.

Cut to, two marriage counselors, one marriage retreat, and individual therapy and I can't get past that this is still at play. I am almost done listing to the book and it is EXACTLY us.

I will be bringing this up in the most careful and loving way I can in therapy on Tuesday with him.

I am afraid he will be so angry at me bringing it up again that he will refuse to even consider it.

Any advice on how to present this in a way to encourage curiosity and openness in order to save our marriage?

Thank you in advance.