Husband "doesn't have time" for important things

I know a lot of you can relate to this, but I wonder if anyone has a suggestion for how to solve the problem quickly.

My husband lost 7 jobs in 3 years before being diagnosed with depression and ADD. He got on meds and eventually decided to work again. Now he has a job he loves. He's a peer specialist working with the severely mentally ill. The job requires a person with a diagnosed mental illness. It gives insurance but even with that we still shell out over $100 a month for his meds.

He had been getting some treatment and meds through a university psychology clinic. He decided the young student he was seeing couldn't help him any more and at the same time the marriage counselors we were seeing got tired of US. (I think they thought disputes about not contributing around the house, etc. were beneath them.) Not working with a counselor at the clinic left him with no access to the doctor there who prescibed the meds for him.

He now has a week's worth of meds with no new prescription (because of the stupid thing that you need a new presecription each month). He's gotten the names of 3 different doctors from his co-workers, who, of course, know a lot of shrinks. But he "hasn't had time" to make a phone call to set up the appointment. We both have serious issues that require expensive meds, so we have to have insurance. If he loses his job, we have a disaster. These jobs are hard to get and he loves his. So why won't he find the time to make a phone call?

He seems to think he doesn't need the meds any more. Prior attempts to go off the anti-depressant have been disasterous, and the doctors say he'll need to take it his whole life. I remind him that his (psychotic) patients decide they don't need their meds and they always get way worse. He told me he forgot to take his meds yesterday and he was fine so he doesn't need them. Why is he doing this??!!

He said for a long time that he wants to live in the city where he works. But there agaiin, he could never find the time to call rental agents. I work 30 miles away with no phone book for his work city, so I can't do it. If he wants it, why won't he make the phone call?

I live in terror. I am finding it hard to sleep. If he isn't taking medicine, he's going to lose this job he loves more than he loves me. I got fied from a job that allowed me to work double shifts in November, so I have no idea how I'd support us both. It is so scary that this isn't a priority for him.