husband getting off adderall

Hello, my husband was diagnosed with ADHD in March 2018. He was prescribed adderall and has taken it daily since his diagnosis. 

In the last few months, he's been talking about trying to get off adderall. The negative side effects (anger, anxiety, dehydration, constant urge to pee) are wearing on him. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, we moved from Alabama to Tennessee. He still had one written prescription from his doctor in Alabama. I went to fill it yesterday and the pharmacist refused because it was not on tamper-resistant paper (never needed that in AL). So, now he's off it cold turkey. 

Going cold turkey makes him nervous, but we don't have much of an option right now. He says he just wants to go for it and see what happens. 

Has anyone stopped their medication cold turkey? What were the effects? Is there anything he can do to make the process of it leaving his system any easier? 

Thanks for your help. If you have any advice or recommendations for TN ADHD doctors in the Nashville area, please send them my way.