Husband gives me a snarky attitude for going out with a friend! Is this typical of an ADHDer?

So I tell H last night when I get home that I am going out with my friend on Tuesday after work. His first response was "Oh yeah?" in an actual nice tone like "good for you", but then that immediately turned into "Oh fine I see how it is. Go do your pub crawl with her and not me that's fine" I then tell him "It's not a pub crawl it's dinner. We can still do the pub crawl after work some day". He goes "No no that's fine. Go have your fun and I'll just party it up here". I got real quiet and walked out of the room wanting to cry. Then about an hour later she called me to finalize plans and I wasn't on the phone with her for more than 30 seconds before he comes in the room and says really loud while I'm talking to her "Oh is that my competition on the phone with you"? This is his response EVERY damn time I make plans to go do something with a friend or if there's an activity after work with co workers. I haven't gone out with my friend (or anyone else for that matter!) in almost 6 months and I haven't done an after work activity since February because I always get this same response and it upsets me so much that I don't even want to go out because I don't want to deal with it. When I made plans to go out to lunch and a play with my friend back in January H told me "I'm glad to see you getting out of the house. I wish you'd go out and do more things on your own". Now I get this sarcastic response if I dare go do something without him.

He came up to me later last night and said "What's wrong with you? Why are you so quiet?" I tell him that I'm tired of his snarky attitude to me for going out. He immediately starts laughing and goes "Oh my god woman I am not being snarky! I am just joking! I am fine with you going out. Like I said, I'll just be partying it up here." I say "I wish you would be nice about it then". He then does a fake "Okay I hope you have a good time" and rolls his eyes and walks away in a huff. Of course he turned this all around on me and made me feel like I was the one with the problem.

Why is it so damn hard for him to just say nicely "Oh that's great. Have a good time and I'll see you when you get home". Why does it always turn into this big production of a guilt trip which he then turns into me being too sensitive because he was just kidding the whole time??