Husband goes to 2nd shift today---kinda excited!

My husband keeps thinking that I'm so sad with him going to 2nd shift and now we'll really only see each other on the weekends. Nope...I'm pretty damn excited he's moving there! Up until today he worked 5AM-1:30 PM so the only time I had to myself to truly be free to do what I wanted without any remarks from him was in the morning before 7AM when I went to work. Now he will be working from 2PM to 10:30 PM. I will be able to come home at about 5PM and do whatever I want! No constant "Why are you doing THAT? Why are you watching THAT? Why are you eating THAT?" from him. If I feel like eating soup with a fork while standing on my head in my wedding dress and watching some girly show (I know ridiculous!) but I can do that without any comments from him! I will have a glorious 6 hours to myself every weeknight. I can do projects and when it comes time to start mowing the yard, I can do it after work at my leisure without having to hear comments from him on how I'm doing it wrong or feeling like I have to do it when he'll be gone for a while. I'll be able to go out with coworkers after work when there are work happy hour's and not feel like I have to go home immediately after work so he doesn't get angry at me for being out. I can have a life! Right now all I do is come home and sit on the couch because he's either on the couch or on the computer. I'll even get the bed to myself for a majority of the night because he probably won't end up coming to bed until 2 or 3 AM. Maybe I can finally start losing a few pounds which I've been wanting to do for a while but can't because I never do anything when he's around for fear he'll be snide with me for doing it. Now I probably won't be able to sit still!


UPDATE:Well I had seen on Facebook yesterday while I was at work that H was on Facebook as well around 1:45. Well seeing as how his shift started at 2PM, he was either biding time on the computer at work, which was unlikely seeing as how that's not what you'd be doing prepping for a new area, or he decided to stay home. Sure enough, I get home at 5PM and his car is in the driveway! I walk in the door and he's nowhere to be found because he's taking a nap! So his first day in a new area and he pretty much goes "Meh, I think I'll take the day off" and had made no call or text to anyone at work. Boy, I bet your new coworkers and manager are going to love you! Is this what I'm going to have to deal with now? Always wondering if he indeed is going to work everyday? I was so stressed out about that a few years ago when he worked 2nd shift and didn't go in numerous times. Although now I know how to go onto his work website and see when he clocks in and out so I'll know if he's there.

On top of that, I come home to litterboxes full of cat poop and a spot of diarrhea on the carpet next to the litterboxes! I am always the one to clean them and when he sees me doing it he goes "Oh if you would just wait a bit and not be so antsy to do that then I will go ahead and do it". So that morning I left it for him to do. Yet I come home to litterboxes that obviously had not been cleaned. The smell was horrendous! And the diarrhea was so gross, yet he was oblivious to the whole thing because he had to get his nap in from being so tired from staying home all day! 

Oh AND our kittens are due for their final shots and our vet is only open 9-1 M-F so I had to take off a couple of days over the past few months to take them in for checkups, shots, spays. Seeing as how his job is strict about taking time off, I just went ahead and did it myself because I know that I will get it done. Well I tell him this past Monday that I was going to take them in for their final shots either Tues or Thurs (that's when the 20% vaccine clinics are) and just go into work a few hours late. He goes "No no no. I start 2nd shift on Thursday so I can take them in". I go "Are you SURE?" He goes "Well yeah, it's just up the road right?" So I trust that he will do this. Well Wed. night I say to him "So you are taking the kittens in tomorrow right?" He goes"Huh?" I say "The kittens. You are taking them in for their shots tomorrow?" He goes 'No, let me get acclimated to my new work schedule first. I may want to take a nap tomorrow morning. I will take them in next Tuesday." ARRGH!!! Really? You TOLD me you would do this! Well you didn't even GO to work on Thursday and on top of that you got off work at 1:30 PM on Wed and didn't have to go back until 2PM on Thurs. so you had plenty of time to sleep.  But now when you are not getting home until 11PM and probably not going to bed until 3AM, you are going to want to get up and take them to the vet at 9AM?? No way! Even if you did get up at 9AM you'd need your hour or two to wake up, surf the net, take a shower and you wouldn't have time. Why didn't you just let me take them myself rather than promise me something I KNEW you were going to procrastinate?!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Well I'd like to tell you what it's like to have the evenings to myself over the past few days, but I haven't had the chance to be alone yet! He was supposed to start 2nd shift last Thursday. It is now Tuesday and he has yet to go in. No texts or calls to anyone last Thurs/Fri and he had no repercussions from it. Yesterday he texts his new boss (who he has yet to meet!) and says that he injured himself on Thursday and had a doctor's appt yesterday so couldn't go into work. You know, because when you have a 30 minute doctor's appt you can't go to work! Plus you know, he couldn't have scheduled it for the morning before work! Plus, you of course wait 4 days AFTER you injure yourself to go see the doctor! He told his boss that he would be in today. Well I see he sent a text to his boss again at about noon today. I'm sure it says "Oh have another appt today with phys. therapist. Will be in tomorrow." Then tomorrow it will be "Oh doctor says I need to go see him again today. Will be in tomorrow". He doesn't even know this guy or his new coworkers yet and he's already missing 4 days of work!

He was doing so well for 4 months he went in EVERY day. Last month he missed a day for whatever reason so had to turn his FMLA on again so he wouldn't get a mark against him. Well I think we are on about day 7 of the last month where he hasn't gone in even though he tells me he only gets 4 days a month off with it.BS! Once he starts on this, he can't stop! And now being on 2nd shift it's even harder because he sleeps in and then lounges around playing his video game and watching tv and probably has a beer or two and by noon he decides "Meh, I'm having fun here. I don't think I'll work today". And everyday he tells me "Tomorrow I'm going in for sure". It never happens.  He just says it to keep me happy until I come home and find him there. Why piss me off sooner when you can piss me off later, right??