Husband has started Vyvanse and He's out of control

Please somebody give me some advise, anyone please, any knowledge on the subject, even if you don't think it would help, tell me anyway.

I'm desperate, my husband is newly diagnosed with add, he's been an angry person, obnoxious well before the meds, fly off the handle, not much control over himself or what he says to his kids or me. Since he started Vyvanse he's been hyperfocusing on crazy stuff, driving us in sane to put it mildly. This afternoon he totally cussed out his 16 year old and my 17 year old son's over nothing. He is constantly telling them to do stuff, like he tells them to wash their hands EVERY SINGLE TIME HE SEES THEM, I just wanted to stress that, not yell it but I'm losing my mind. I can't hold everything together, What's happening? Could the Vyvanse be responsible for more anger?-HELP