Husband doesn't go to work for weeks at a time(unpaid)-still doesn't get fired!

I am not sure if my Husband has ADHD or what but I am SO FED UP with this constant not going to work!! He works for a union and has been at his job for almost 6 years. When he found out about FMLA during his 3rd year that's when things took a turn for the worse. He tells his doctor he's got back issues, which he does, but they certainly don't keep him from working. His doctor doesn't seem to care when he comes in asking for a note saying why he missed so many days. He is supposed to be limited to 2 days a month off. However he has already been out all last week and 2 days the previous week---this is all without pay. He left at his usual time this morning but I don't think he went to work because I see by our phone records that he called the number he calls when he's not going in within 2 minutes after leaving.

About a month ago he pulled this same crap. Didn't work for 1 1/2 weeks and realized how angry I was getting. Left at his usual 4:15 AM time but then right before I left for work at 6:30 I check our phone records and his bank acct. because I really didn't believe he was at work. Sure enough he called in sick and according to his bank account had just paid for coffee at a shop 30 minutes south of where he was supposed to be. So he was basically biding his time until I left and then he'd come home and as far as I knew he would have been at work since I wouldn't be home until 3 hours after he supposedly got home. I was LIVID!!!!!!! I text him that I saw his transaction at this place and is he really there. I am so damn angry I can't go into work. He shows up at home about 20 minutes later (you know when he thought I'd be gone to work myself) and he acts like he just saw the text. He proceeds to tell me he went into work but NO ONE (a company of 10,000 people!) was there and they had no work for him and told him to go home! Really??!! You've been out 1 1/2 weeks and you walk into work and they tell you they have no work and to go home? They provide work for you in other areas if they don't have anything. He then proceeds to tell me that he went and got coffee at this one place and then had breakfast at another place 30 minutes south of where he was supposed to be! Really? Rather than come home you went WAY out of your way to go have coffee? And amazingly came home about 15 minutes after you thought I'd be gone? Then if I was gone I'd think that you went to work and all would be right?

I am so upset that I tell him I'm not going to work and go back to bed. 5 minutes later he comes in and says he just got a text from his partner saying that he saw him come in and leave and how there's no work. Gee how convenient! Then he starts going on and on about how many texts he has and how he should delete them. Then apparently he was looking at my phone (my non-smart phone) and starts saying "Oh do you delete your texts because I have so many texts". Then starts going on about how he plugged my phone in to recharge. Gee why because it was charging all night and was fully charged! Then says how it's odd how I have all these dating sights on my phone. Really? I didn't put them there as I never do anything but call or text since none of that other stuff is paid for on my phone. So I'm guessing since I called him out on looking at his bank account now he's going to try and call me out on going to dating sites.

THEN we are sitting around while he is watching this video game chat and the guy mentions his wife and he goes "Yeah wives!. You can't get away with anything". Gee were you TRYING to get away with something?? Then he says that he was thinking of stopping by his buddies place while he was in the area where he got this coffee. Really? Your buddy is retired and doesn't get out of bed until 10AM but you were going to stop by and see him at 7AM?

None of what he told me makes any sense and he is trying really hard to put the point across about everything which just screams "I'm trying to hide stuff from you". He can't pay for his share of anything. I pay the entire mortgage and bills every month since after all is said and done and child support is taken out, most of his checks don't amount to more than $300. Then the once every 4 months he CAN pay his share of the mortgage or he pays a bill then he thinks I should bow down and kiss his feet for doing it! It has gotten to the point where I don't even ask if he's going in because he will always tell me yes but either won't get up in the morning or play this current game of driving around for 3 hours until I leave for work. Gee that's going to get tiresome, isn't it?  He just told me 2 weeks ago that he has to work OT on the weekends to get a decent check but then turns around and pulls this crap of weeks of not working. It doesn't make any sense! One time last year he was out for an entire month and he didn't get into trouble for it!

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