Husband insists on buying a stick shift and now I'm stuck with a car I can't drive!!

Up until last summer, we really only needed one car. I either worked from home or our work schedules were such that we could use the same car or he'd take his motorcycle. Well I got a full time job in August and we worked basically both the same hours and he couldn't take the motorcycle in crappy weather so we bought a used car in October. DH insisted the entire time that we would get a stick shift car. I have no idea why he insisted on that since I have never driven one, but he said we were definitely getting one. All I could think is "That is really really stupid to get this car that I can't drive". He made a big deal about how now when he needs to take the truck to tow the trailer to the racetrack for a weekend that I don't have to come with him (because I don't really enjoy going to the track) and can drive down for one day and go home afterwards.

Well we've had this car for 6 months. I have heard 10 times about how he needs to teach me to drive it and how we are going to do that on the weekend. Well every weekend goes by and not one mention of teaching me. First race of the year is next weekend so he said this past weekend that he definitely needed to teach me to drive it so that I can come down on my own or just have transportation for the weekend. Well Saturday morning we went somewhere and he goes "Oh I was going to teach you to drive this today wasn't I? Well maybe we'll do it tomorrow." Well Sunday came and went and not one mention of it. Even if I did get a quick lesson on it does he really think I'm going to drive it myself 2 hours to meet him? He is the LAST person I want to teach me anyways because I know 2 minutes in he is going to be yelling at me and getting frustrated.

Was getting a car that I can't drive the dumbest idea ever? I may even have to miss out on work on Friday because he wants to leave for the track right from work with the truck and if I can't drive the car, I can't go to work!