Husband running away with his "free" time

My husband seems to take all things to the extreme. He was informed that forms of exercise help ADDer's  - okay great. Yeah, not so much. He apparently believes that this is a ticket to exercise all of the time, without regard to anyone else.  Normal people will exercise 4-5 times a week - fit it in during lunch breaks, before work, ect.  Not him - he will get home from work (late) eat his reserved dinner plate and head out. Sometimes its playing catch with a ball and my son and then off for a walk or bike ride or chipping and putting, ect the list goes on and on.  For example this weekend he had planned to golf Sunday afternoon (great). Then Friday night he decides that he is going to play racket ball in the morning, well he didn't sleep (but a few hours friday night) played 1 hour of racket ball w/my son, we purchased our new computer then came home he took a nap (3 hrs), did an 1hr of yard work and then decided that he was going to go practice his golf swing! Really? Really? While I did all of the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, back bedroom, set up all of the software, wireless internet, and back up CD and restore CD for the new computer (4hrs), played with my daughter, made a dinner menu for the up coming week, made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the floors!  So off he goes.  Then Sunday he decides that he needs to go to his parents house (45min) away to get the snowmobiles and get them ready for winter.  Now mind you, he still has golf planned for the afternoon. So I rush to the grocery store and rush back. He and my son leave for grandma's -"We won't be long? Just a quick trip."  Okay, I figure 2 hrs and they will be back.  So my daughter and I do a few things that need to be done figuring that we will all get dinner when they come back.  3 and 1/2 hours later they come home.  And he is rushing to get dressed for golf and leave. Sorry, but I work full time now too, don't I deserve time alone? Not even that, how about when are you going to spend time with your daughter? Oh and by the way, next week after racket ball in the morning on Sat  urday they are going to go out to his parents to cut wood all afternoon. Really? Why can't he see that this SUCKS for everyone else!  Yes, I get that I should go and do my own thing (but never just by myself) - but its like he is high gear on his own plans that everyone else feels left out and left to do the housework and anything else that needs to be done.  Puts me right back into the mommy/nagging role once again! Plus with money tight - I end up being the one stuck at home because he's out spending on whatever he is attracted to at the moment! Its like once his work day is done he acts like he is on vacation! I'm fed up and I don't know how to move forward from this place. Then, I start to wonder: If I am parenting alone (which I am), I am doing all of housework, all of the bill paying, homework, scheduling and taking care of sick kids and cooking all meals PLUS now working full time - what is keeping me here? Aren't I in a one sided relationship? Why not do this alone and be free? I really don't have an answer - yet.