Husband sees no problem with us having 7 cats for the weekend!

We currently have 2 adult cats and my husband has been wanting to get a kitten. I am more than happy with 2 cats but finally after months gave into a kitten. Then his mom tells us she's got a bunch of feral cats on their farm and 5 kittens. My husband then tells me we should get 2 kittens to help her out. I VERY reluctantly agree to 2 kittens. She is driving out to Washington from Iowa to bring them to us. We specifically told her TWO kittens and we picked out the ones we wanted. I just found out that she plans on driving out here with all 5 of the kittens because she is giving them extra milk and that way her husband won't have to worry about doing it and this way we can pick the 2 we want and she can take the rest back with her. 

Am I crazy for asking her to JUST bring the 2 we picked? I do not need 5 kittens in addition to our 2 adult cats roaming around our 1000 square foot house for the weekend! I even told my husband a few days ago "Watch, she will probably bring more than 2 cats" and sure enough! She says not to worry as they will be in a cage the whole time. I don't want them to sit in a cage the whole time either! This woman is a hoarder. I have only been in her house once but there was basically just enough room to get down the hallway and everything else was piled with crap. They apparently have 30 cats (indoor and outdoor) 4 dogs and I have no idea how many chickens and goats. It's one of those places where you are there for 5 mintues and feel the need to take an immediate shower to get the yuck off of you.

I told my husband I didn't want her bring 5 kittens and he said he'd talk to her. You know how hard he tried? He sent her a text saying "Please just bring the 2 kittens we asked for. Mapper will get stressed out with more than that LOL". Oh yes, please make it so nonchalant! Then a few minutes later he texted her and said "You know what, just bring all of them". Yup. I get home and he goes "Here's the deal. I am asking her to bring all of them so we can see which ones get along with the older cats. I'm sorry to overrule you but I think that's best".

I am so extremely stressed out right now. 2 adult cats, 5 kittens and a mother in law for the weekend, or who knows, maybe even longer. I think I have every right to be upset. Not only at H, but at MIL for disrespecting what we asked of her. Then H is going to post pictures on Facebook of the kittens in case anyone wants the others. Oh let me guess someone will want one but won't be able to come get it for a week and we'll be stuck with 3, 4 or even 5 of them!