Husband tells me "I" need to find us some friends!

I don't think H really has any true friends. He's got buddies he races with but they never call him up wanting to do anything. I don't really have any friends since I moved out here 5 years ago because 1) I'm shy and 2) H goes into a snarky mode anytime I make plans to do anything with anyone so I never call anyone up and I almost always turn anyone down when they do ask me to go out with them. I think he is tired of seeing pictures on Facebook of all these people having fun in big groups and here we are at home doing the same old thing-nothing. Yet I love how he says "I" need to find us some friends. He just doesn't want to do anything does he??!  He says he can't find anyone because they all treat him like crap and use him. I'm friends with some people at work so he tells me to ask them to come up some weekend and we'll bbq. No way...are you out of your mind?! I don't want anyone I work with to come up and be subjugated to you! He's known for just letting f-bombs fly and he'll probably drink too much and be overly loud because he thinks he's being funny and friendly, but it's so embarrassing.