Husband turning aggressive


My husband was diagnosed with ADD as a child.  I strongly suspect he suffers from Adult ADD or ADHD.  He tells me his mind goes a million miles a minute, and I sense he is out of control.

He's been suffering from severe depression.  We have had major problems lately; spent some time apart.  It seems like things were improving.  However, he still has unresolved issues and a lot of resentment towards me.

My parents are both very hard-headed.  They do not sugarcoat.  They are very driven people and can be abusive.  Consequently, I am not the most mouselike person in an argument.  However, I try not to resort to name-calling.  My husband calls himself names, normally a-hole and a loser, and says I imply this.  I hate this!  My tone does not bode well for me, I suppose.  My husband is tired of "taking my shit" and has started to get aggressive and angry in arguments.  He is starting to frighten me...  this is not the person I married.  Everything I say is an insult to him.  His needs are wild and, I find, inappropriate.  When I ask for details, and expose that he hasn't thought the situation through, he turns abusive.  Now he wants to run far from me. I am going to let him run.  But I know he will come back and be angry again.


I'm scared, don't know what to do.  Does anyone else experience this?  Where you can't say anything?