Husband uses me as one of his many excuses to his boss for not going to work!

And it really upsets me!  He takes off work (without pay) at LEAST once a week. Usually because he's tired or he had an argument with a co-worker or because he just wants to play his video game. This has been going on for years. I see his texts to his boss and it's usually he hurt his back somehow. He fell on the ice, he lifted something the wrong way, he pulled it while fixing the car, etc. Then not only can he not go in that day, but then there's usually the follow up the next day of "I will be a few hours late because I have a doctor's appt first thing." Of course then come 8AM he texts again "Oh the doctor got me in to see the chiropractor at 10AM so I won't be in today." I mean really his boss must think he is the clumsiest guy around with weekly doctor's appts. He is in a union and has FMLA which always seems to work for him even if he's not sick so as long as he has a fake excuse he isn't getting fired. And funny how he always manages to "hurt" his back the night before and he magically is able to get in for an 8AM appt EVERY time! Always makes it seem like he's just going to be a few hours late so it sounds legit and then has somethign else come up.

Well last week he got up at 4AM as usual to go to work, but then decided he didn't want to go and texted his boss something. I didn't know what he said but he reset his alarm for 6AM like he was going in a few hours late. Well I got up at 6 and left at 7 and he was still asleep. I got home that night and checked his texts. His first text that morning to his boss was 'My wife's car isn't running well and she needs me to give her a ride to work. Will be in at 8AM." Well then at about 7:30 he texted him "Bad car issues. I'm on the side of the road with a broke down car waiting on a tow truck. Thought wife was crazy. Won't be in today". Okay so my car wasn't running well so you gave me a ride in in MY car and then it breaks down at the side of the road? That makes no sense! Wouldn't you take YOUR car to give me a ride?? And then to tell his boss that "Thought my wife was crazy" really irked me! Thought I was crazy about what? The car having fake issues? Then he responds later on in the day to his boss "Yeah it was the front bushings about ready to go. It could have been much worse".

His reasons for not going to work are just absurd and it's all the time, not just once every couple of months. Bringing me into the mix as one of his excuses isn't cool either! If he is making up these wild excuses to his boss, who knows what lies he's telling me!