Husband wants to take a trip to Florida, but if I don't plan it, we don't go!

H never wants to be the person to plan anything. He'll talk about how fun it would be if we did such and such. He'll tell me half a dozen times over a 1 month period how awesome that would be if we could take that trip. Yes it would be awesome. Seeing as how it's YOUR idea and we would be going to visit YOUR relatives, YOU can plan the whole thing. Nope. If I don't say "Oh I'll make the plane reservations, I'll find us a hotel, I'll look for cool things to do while we are there" he won't do a damn thing. The whole trip will just fall by the wayside until he decides taking a trip to California would be awesome. He'll tell me that a bunch but if I don't make a move to plan the entire thing, he will forget about it. I planned our entire wedding. I planned our entire honeymoon. I planned our entire motorcycle trip.  He always tells me we'll sit down one night and figure the whole thing out. Well sitting down consists of sitting on the couch with the tv on and him on the laptop and not paying attention to anything I say and after 10 minutes it "Oh you just pick a time to go and where to stay and make reservations and I will make sure I can get those days off." You know when it should be the other way around where he gets the days off first and then we plan.