Husband Won't Shut Doors (any door)

Does anyone else have this problem with their spouse?  My husband will leave doors open all the time - back door, front door, garage door, microwave oven door, cabinet doors. The house door situation is a BIG problem because when my daughter visits, her dog will bolt out any open door.   Now my daughter refuses to let me babysit the dog (whom we both love) because she doesn't trust my husband to shut the doors.   Not to mention letting the heat/air out and bugs in!   I have asked nicely, begged, screamed and nothing seems to work.  I usually just end up cleaning and closing doors because it seems hopeless.  We have been married 11 years and it just keeps getting worse. (we both work full-time) HELP! I need suggestions.

I think he may be ADD because he is also a slob - won't pick up clothes, has PILES of stuff everywhere, unfinished projects in the yard, a garage that you can barely walk through, leaves shoes wherever he takes them off, dirty plates/empty bottles go wherever he is and live there until I put them away. .  Then gets mad at me when I throw a pile of papers/mail away after it has been laying around for months.

Don't get me wrong -  great husband, other than the clutter and the DOOR thingy....