Husbands with ADHD/ADD

Hello I 48 years old, diagnosed with ADHD/ADD 4 years ago. I have been married for 20 years. I have two wonderful kids and a beautiful wife. I have a good job(teacher) and I am very blessed. Now here are the problems that may cost me everything I love. 1. Can't communicate with my wife on an intimate level 2. Blame all my frustraitions and disappointments on her.( because she is successful) 3. Stay ill at the kids a lot 4. Can't let go of old career goals that are not going to happen and I know it. 5. I struggle to be emotionally supportive to my family 6. I have trouble following through with Doctors advise. (Do it for 2 months then fall of the wagon) Are there any other husbands out there like me. I need help.