Husband's mood changed in an instant!

We were away this holiday weekend at the motorcycle track for H's racing. He was so excited to have both me and his daughter there. I always hate the beginning and end of these weekends where packing and unpacking and setting up is involved. I can never "get it right". If I move something, it's wrong. If I don't help because I know it's not going to be right enough, he gets upset that I'm not doing anything. I basically can't win. Well the packing and then the set up went fine and even the packing up leaving the track went fine. I get that he's tired from the weekend, but he was happy and chatty all the way home yesterday. We turn down our street and he sees that the side of the road where he wants to park the trailer is already filled up with other cars. Here we go. He starts grumbling and parks the truck, in the middle of the road with the hazards on and gets out. Not a word to me or his daughter what he's doing so I assume that we are to get out. We are sort of fiddling around getting out and he's standing in the driveway looking pissed at us saying "Give me the house keys!" Alrighty! I give them to him and follow him in the house. I am dawdling behind him and he grabs the other car keys and turns around to come back out of the house. Of course I am standing in his way and he tells me to move. We still don't know what he is doing. He backs up our other car and park that in the street and then moves the truck and trailer to in front of our driveway. Still not a word to us. He asks me to make something to eat because he's going to shower. Then we get a whiff of this awful smell and that pisses him off even more and goes "Did YOU forget to shut the fridge all the way and the food is rotting?" He checks and it's fine. Then he goes "Maybe YOU forgot to take out the trash before we left?". I don't answer him but I did take it out before we left and he checks and says that's not it. We narrow it down to the wet cat food that's been sitting out in the bowl for 3 days. Oh dear husband, you mean the wet food YOU insisted we leave out along with the dry food??!!

Anyways, we think that he is going to take a shower and I find something to eat, but then daughter goes out to the truck to get her backpack but it's locked. H sees her trying to open the truck and goes very sternly "Do you NEED something out of there?" D knows he's getting in a bad mood and says "No it's fine" and he says "If you need something then get it" and tosses the keys at her to which she ducks from because she wasn't expecting it. Well he makes a huge thing about that going "God job on catching those. Why would you move out of the way when I threw them?" Then he adds me to the mix because I was bent over watering the flowers and says "Well Mapper's big head was in the way which didn't help". What is the deal?! All of a sudden our mere presence is pissing him off. Then we thought he was going to take a shower but then instead decides to unload the truck but not a word to us about it. Ooookaaay! So we know if we don't help we'll here about it so we start helping in silence wondering if we are unloading correctly or putting stuff in the right place and just waiting for him to explode on us. He doesn't, but he's not very nice about the whole thing. We go out back to check the garden and just then 5 planes fly over in formation. He yells for D to come out and look. She comes out and is very distinerested and says she's going in to do the dishes. His reply is "Why couldn't I have had a cool kid"? How mean is that?! He then took his 30 minute bath and then went to bed at 5PM only to get up at 7PM for 10 minutes and go back to bed. This is his one weekend a month with his daughter and this is how he decides to spend it.

When he gets like this he expects us to read his mind and we should know exactly what to do and where to go because he won't talk to us. If we do one little thing wrong he goes off on us. If we stay out of his way and don't help we get the snide "Fine I'll just do all the work while you 2 just sit and watch tv". I hate the walking on eggshells never knowing when he's going to get so angry.