Husband's relationships with opposite sex

Before I say anything, please know that I am a confident and non-jealous person after years of being married to my husband, Mr. Charisma and Charm. I will make this short since the story is soooo long. He is constantly hitting it off with women (children also) that have issues. He then adopts them as "little sisters" and family but has on many occasions been alone with these women to eat, on one occasion on a business trip, to movies, texting, calling, etc. I have talked to him about it and even had him replace himself and the woman with two other people we may know so he can see how it would look in his mind and I get the "we are talking about me not them" line. He seems to think he is untouchable and that he has good intentions, which I believe he does, but we should never test ourselves. I told him that I am uncomfortable with his hanging alone with these women and he said I am jealous and that nothing is going on. I believe him but I can't stand the disregard toward my feelings. Of course, when he does cede, it doesn't come without making me pay for it in the way of mopiness and malicious obedience and "fine, I won't go!". I feel I have the right to say what makes me uncomfortable and if nothing is going on, for him to include me in his plans with the person. I can't be everywhere and know everything though so I know that he will probably still talk on the phone with these women with issues since they have an emotional connection. When we first married, I was 17 and he was 22. Yeah, I know. We went to visit his friends so I could meet some of them and he let a 15 yr old girl he knew when she was little sit on his lap. I told him to get her off and he said I was being ridiculous. He is now 47 and acts the same way. In his head, he can do nothing wrong. I recently left him for a month (that was the hardest thing I ever did) and this was one of my issues yet he continues to entertain  the idea of hanging out with anyone he wants and sees nothing wrong with it and even says "hey, there was a kid with us so we were not alone". Very exhausting. What ever happened to "happy wife, happy life"? I understand perhaps he may not fall in like or love with them but what about the woman who is so impressed by his charm, humor, energy, insignhfulness and caring (things that he can show others but not me)? I find it disrespectful and also not being aware of how it looks to the public. Believe me, I would know exactly what to do if he messed up. I mean, would I miss the pain and suffering of living with a person with his issues? No. But does ADHD make you outrightly disrespect your wife's wishes time and time again and minimize how she feels? It doesn't make sense. Do I always have to adjust and correct, only for him to tell me I suffocate and nag him? He can be at a girlfriend's house with her 12 yr old child for hours catching up while I am home and in bed. What is that? Then I question him, he tells me exactly where he was and he says he was not alone with her. I don't doubt his loyalty but I question his false sense of security in himself and others. He minimizes and justifies. Am I crazy?