hydro HELP!

Idk if this is the right forum to post in but I didn't see one for what I need advice on. A quick back story: I have kidney stones and recently was hospitalized for 4 that were in my kidney and one that had to be removed (the stone not the kidney). I had a stent put in and was prescribed hydrocodone for the pain. I did not take but maybe two over a week period. I'm very cautious about them because I've heard they're addictive. I over heard my husband talking to his friend saying he "took one on Thursday but not since and was hurtin". I found this peculiar and instinctively checked my scripts. I discovered that out of a quantity of 50 only 18 were left. I confronted my husband and he adamantly denied he took them. This was in March. We argued a couple times about it, each time he denied it. A recent conversation with his best friends ex girlfriend this topic was brought up. She said she knew he was taking pills, hydro. She didn't know much beyond this. I of course immediately flushed the meds after I found so many missing. We are in therapy and it was brought up. He had also taken one of my muscle relaxers (car accident). I had taken none. I confronted him about the missing pill. He said yes he grabbed it but never took it. He brought me the pill to prove he hadn't taken it. I am going to say this was a week ago. He began his adhd meds yesterday. I need to know if anyone has experience with this? Is this common to adhd? If so, will it always be this way? I'm very dead set on zero drug use including taking scripts not prescribed to you. Please help.