Hygiene Issues?

Does anyone else have hygiene issues with their ADD loved ones? When I met my husband at 40 years old most of his teeth had fallen out. (He's not diabetic.) He swore he brushed his teeth every day, but seemed surprised that I do it after every meal.

I pushed him to go ahead and get dentures, now I can't get him to clean them. I can't tell you how much of a turn-off it is to kiss him and get some of last night's dinner in my mouth.

My daughter, who I am convinced has ADD, but hasn't been diagnosed (her father is my first husband.) never brushed her teeth after the age a mom should be reminding her either, and now needs thousands of dollars worth of crowns, etc.

I can't get my husband to remember his deodorant either, and he picks dirty socks off the floor and wears them.

Anyway, I understand about personal boundries, but how do I get him to be cleaner? Or am I just supposed to put up with it, like I do everything else?