Hyper Focus Insanity

For me, my DH's hyperfocus is the most maddening ADD behavior I live with.  He gets consumed by things.  I might as well be on another planet most of the time.  He lives in his own world.  It is really disheartening to feel invisible in your marriage.  If I bring it up, ask for attention, it is usually perceived as some sort of personal attack or criticism.  So, I'm doomed either way.  So sad.  The cruel truth is that he was hyperfocused on me for the first few years and I thought that was real...didn't realize it was just a stage of his ADD that would soon be replaced with something else once our marriage was cemented and he didn't have to focus on me so much anymore.  20 years and 2 kids later...I sometimes think I'm crazy to still be here fighting for this marriage.  If it weren't for my two sons, I probably wouldn't be.