Hyperfocus similar to OCD?

Hi All, In the past six months I have found out that I seem to be living with ADHD all around me. At least now there's some type of answer for what's going on in my life. My five year old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD and OCD and his doc. seems confident that my husband has ADHD as well. Since finding this site last week I've been absorbing as much as I can about this problem and how it impacts peoples lives and what they can do about it. I originally started looking to gain insight in regard to my son and have found that I'm finding all kinds of reasons why my husband has been what I simply considered a disrespectful, selfish individual through most of our marraige. So, that's the very rough background here but what I'm curious about is this "hyperfocuing" people keep talking about. What exactly does it mean and how common is it with ADHDers? I always knew that people with ADHD could have trouble focusing and could be very hyper and disconnected but I never knew that hyperfocusing was a symptom or a characteristic. One of the reasons I'm wondering about this is because my husband and son (although many similar traits at times) have one primary differnece in their behaviors. My son is very hyperfocused to the point that we were originally looking at Asperger's Syndrome (in the Autism spectrum) and he has ultimately been diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) - could this just be the hyperfocusing you're all talking about? He has many rituals and routines and repeats things constantly. He also has very focused interests and doesn't partcipate in as many "normal" five year old activities. On the flip side, my husband can't seem to focus on anything that doesn't interst him personally at a given moment and his primary characteristic seems to be frustration and anger. He's big on yelling and loosing his control. One of our marraige counselors called me his "Prozac" since it had become my job to monitor his emotions. So, does ADHD look very different in everyone or are there very many common traits and behaviors. Why is anger so common for people with ADHD and does anger mangement help? Any advice and/or info. anyone could offer would be helpful - especially in regard to better understanding hyperfocusing. Thanks!