Is hypersexuality a common symptom of ADHD?

A few months after getting married I noticed that my husband was talking to other women online on a regular basis. He's interested in foreign cultures so has many foreign friends both males and females of different ages. We ourselves are an intercultural/racial couple.

The problem started when I asked him about who his female friends were. I told him that, since they're online friends, I would like to know who they are and how often he speaks with them. He has since being more vigilant with his phone and computer by locking them and turning the screen away from me. I've seen many photos of other women on his phone but I don't know if they're friends or just strangers. I've confronted him about it but all he says it's that he's not cheating. Am I being paranoid?

Has this happened to any of you? Is this normal or just another symptom of ADHD? I feel lost and confused.

Thank you for reading!