Is a great deal of baseless criticism part of this ADD?

Oh, Tig

Nobody, and I mean nobody, has the right to hit you.  That is physical abuse and it is WRONG.   You have the right to call and report this to the police, file charges against him and throw the bum out on his bony butt.   You can also get a restraining order. If he won't leave, then leave yourself.  He's endangering your safety, and if you have children in the house, theirs as well.  

There is absolutely no excuse for such treatment.  Do not tolerate this, Tig....if this is the first time he's hit you, he's likely to do it....or worse...again.  If he has done this before, get out.  ADHD does not mean abuse....there's something else wrong with your husband and you can't fix it. :((

I agree, physical abuse is

I agree, physical abuse is NOT part of ADD...and you do not deserve that kind of treatment. The only thing similiar to my story is that my husband can be overly critcal sometimes...and I honestly feel it is an attempt on his part to make me feel bad (misery loves company) when he is feeling bad about himself. He'll make little comments about my cooking ("it needed more salt" "you cooked it too long, it as dry") or just point out stuff that he typically does not point out, but I never saw the hypocrisy in it.

You are not (solely) dealing with are dealing with a man who has a violent temper and needs to learn to keep his hands to himself...he would either enter treatment TODAY or he would pack his stuff and go. (or I would pack it for him)  (((((HUGS)))))



call the local abuse hotline and discuss the situation with them.  I personally draw the line at all physical abuse.  If it happens I think the abuser should be out.  Period.  But I also know that you need to ask/demand this the right way for your own safety.  So talk with the abuse hotline.


is common, physical abuse is not. Please be sure he understands that this behavior is completely unacceptable and take whatever measures necessary to protect yourself and ensure your well being. I grew up in a family that found a certain amount of physical discipline acceptable and unfortunately the angry words I endured hurt me deeper than any slap. It has been effective for me to draw the line in a firm and direct manner (without anger) to my ADD husband. I've had to tell him that things were going to be different now and follow through. If your husband is not addressing his disfunction, in a way he has already abandoned you. Don't retaliate, demonstrate your freedom and take care of yourself. You're really not alone.