I almost killed myself last year over girlfriend with ADHD!!!

I have been in a relationship with my friend who has ADHD for more than two years. What you didn't know is that I almost committed suicide in the fall of 2013. After we broke up during the summer of 2013, she immediately got into a relationship with her roommate for three months. I had "no-contact" with her during that time and it almost took my life. She came back and told me about and it hurt like hell. In the end, her impulsive and rash decisions caused her to be stalked by her ex-roommate and forced to pay child-support. 

Her behavior hurt my family and friends deeply. She doesn't't realize how many people do NOT want anything to do with her. Her ADHD is out of control and there is nothing I can do about it!!! She thinks that I was manipulating her!!!--WTF???, She has no empathy what so ever. she can be very distance and close herself off from me. She says she is busy, but that is BS!!!

She is a divorcee of 11 years with 2 teenage daughters (that choose to live with their father) yet the girls don't realize that their mother was in a very abusive(domestic violence) marriage of 7-years by this man who happens to be a minister.

She can be all over the place. One minute she is doing this, the next she is doing that. Her house is never clean or organized (yet of lately, she has gotten better), She will say things to me without even thinking about it(very painful and hurtful things), she can get very impulsive, She gets really irritated FAST!!!, She lives from paycheck to paycheck (She has to pay child-support to her dead beat ex-husband), She doesn't think about the consequences of her actions and just do them. She is not very trustworthy at times and is pissed off at the world (Including me) She would call me one minute to spend time with me, the next minute she cancels!!!, She is a closet hoarder that keeps everything!!!, She will stay up throughout the night on the computer (she says she is working but she is on Facebook half of the time). She will procrastinate (its so bad, the girls have to trick her to tell her the event is at 11:a.m. ITS ACTUALLY STARTS AT 12:00PM!!!) She can get very hostile and we would argue a lot over stupid things. 

I love this woman very much (and she know that) yet I AM EXHAUSTED!!!--Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy!!!--Its like I am living in a real live version of "Let's Make a Deal" when you are trying to see what is behind door number 1-2-3! The victim of domestic violence (I can understand), but the ADHD, I am having a really hard time with. I am the most patient, loving and very understanding person in the world, but MY LORD, it feels like I have gone 12-rounds with her in a street fight!!!

I need some support! I love her and I want to marry her, I know what I am getting into, But I need some "Lord help me" Advice. She is on medication but I don't see her take as often as I would like (Hell, I would buy stock in it if it would help!!!), But I do love her very much but I could use some advice--Please!!!