I always try to do the right thing and then wonder why I bother when H doesn't seem to care!

Yesterday was my company picnic. I asked H 2 weeks ago if he wanted to get off work early and come to it since he only works about 15 minutes away. He said "Nah, you go ahead and go without me. Last time it was kind of boring and you'll have more fun if you don't have to tote me around". Well no, actually it would be really nice to have you there since most people bring their spouses, but whatever. I'm sure he never gave it a second thought. So I wasn't even going to remind him of it yesterday because I figured I'd just go for the snacks and drinks and leave when they were going to serve the meal and I'd still be home before him and he'd never know any different, but I sent him an email from work yesterday saying "Forgot to mention to you that it’s our picnic today.  I have no desire to stick around for the meal, just the snacks and drinks.  I’m sure I’ll still beat you home tonight." He responds with "Grab a plate for me too". I don't know if he was trying to be funny or what (because if he wanted a plate he should have come!) but I told him "As I said, I’ll be taking off before the meal is ready to go.  We’ve got brats to cook for dinner at home!" and he responds with "Okay sounds good".


The reason I was skipping the meal is so we could have dinner together at home because or else I could just hear from previous times "Oh you didn't bring anything home for me? Great thanks for thinking of me! Now I have to find something to eat for myself." I could just see it. I get home at 6:30, about 15-30 minutes before I expected him home. 7:30 he still wasn't home. 8:00 he still wasn't home. 8:30 he finally calls me all upbeat and the first words out of my mouth to him are "Don't tell me you are still at work" (I knew he wouldn't be). He goes "Well kind of. I had to deliver a motorcycle to one of the customers and I asked my coworker if he wanted to follow me and then we'd stop and have a beer and then he could drop me back off at the shop. We went to the pub and ran into a guy I know and we started talking motorcycles. But now I'm back at the shop and on my way home." I was furious! I skipped the meal at the picnic to have dinner with him. He knew I was going to be home before him and that we were going to have brats for dinner. I could have hung out much longer with my coworkers. Oh AND the place we had the picnic was about 4 blocks from my work and the pub they went to (that they always go to) is LITERALLY 3 doors down from where I work! I could have easily met him if I had stayed and eaten at the picnic but he tells me "Oh I thought you were going to be leaving for home at like 5PM before I even got off." He didn't even try and call me. Not only did he not try and call me about that, but he didn't even bother to call me and tell he was going to this pub. He's just 2 hours late getting home but it's not a big deal. Then he went on about how the guy he asked to go to the pub with him was so grateful for him asking him to go because he doesn't know anyone here. That's great, but I expected us to be having dinner together. I at least should have gotten a call before you made the decision to go there so I wasn't sitting there waiting to have something to eat. If I had pulled this stunt, you can be sure I'd be hearing about it for days about how I didn't call and came home late. I'd probably even get "Oh were you with your boyfriend?"


He finally gets home about 9PM and after 5 minutes I tell him I'm tired and going to bed. I WAS tired, but I was more irritated than anything and he could tell. He then tells me he's tired too and going to check his email, log into his game and see what's going on and he'll be in shortly. Well anytime he tells me he'll "be in shortly" I can pretty much take that as that's the absolute opposite of what he's going to do. Sure enough, I wake up aat 11 and hear the video game. He didn't even seem to bother to try and keep the noise down. I shut the door and turn on the fan to block it out. He doesn't come to bed until almost 1AM! Okay you know you already irritated me by not coming home until later and not letting me know, and then you irritate me again by spending nearly 4 hours playing your stupid video game! Thanks for spending 5 minutes of your day with me! God I want to throw that computer of his out the window! He will sit there for hours on end playing that. Maybe come and sit with me for 30 minutes before he has to race off and play again. Nothing else gets done around the house.


You know what I accomplished in a 2 hour time span after I got home from work and before he got home a few days ago? I vacuumed, mopped the floor, cleaned the bathrooms, watered the garden, picked ripe veggies from the garden, and started laundry. Do you know what he accomplished over the entire weekend last weekend? Moving the trailer from the street to the driveway, which he had said he was going to do 2 weeks prior! That's it! Something that took 10 minutes. The rest was drinking and video gaming! And he thinks moving the trailer was just a huge thing to have done.