I am convinced... my husband is really a Child trapped in a Man's body


1. He throws a temper tantrum if I do not sleep in the same bed as him.  (He spends half the night up-and-down, tossing and turning trying to go to sleep.  I go to bed around 11 pm, but he normally stays up until around 3 am.  When he finally gets ready to come to bed, he creates such noise in the bedroom and our adjoining bathroom that he wakes me up.  I have explained to him on hundreds of occasions that I have a hard time getting back to sleep once he has awaken me from a deep sleep.  I have tried sleeping in the spare bedroom so that I can get a complete nights sleep, but he throws such a temper tantrum because I am not in the bed with him.  If I can't get back to sleep and do end up in the other bedroom, when he wakes he comes looking for me and gets angry again because I am not in the bed with him.  For a couple of years now, I have thought that this was a control issue with him, but now I have come to realize that he is more like a child who doesn't want to sleep alone). 

2.  He thinks everything is fine if only he apologizes for his actions.  (He is extremely disrespectful of me by calling me horrible names and degrading me, but thinks that the minute he apologizes it all goes away.  He then gets angry again and accuses me of not being forgiving.  After one of our heated shouting matches, it takes me several hours to calm down.  Some of the things he says is truly hurtful and he doesn't understand why I just can't seem to get over it immediately.  He is constantly telling me what a cold, hard b***h I am.)

3. He is oblivious to household chores, cooking, cleaning, yard work, bills, etc.  (The entire house is run by ME....  Once in awhile, he will do a load of his own laundry if he runs out of socks or underwear.  Of course, he doesn't think of ever doing anything else like towels and sheets.   Regarding cooking, one time when I was out of town visiting relatives, he tried to boil a pan of water on the range to sterilize his contact lens case.  He ruined the pan and almost caught fire to the kitchen in the process.  He took a phone call and went upstairs, totally forgetting about the pan of boiling water.)

4.  .... (to be continued)  I am hoping that I can go back to sleep now since I have got some of my frustrations down on "cyber paper."