My relationship with my ADHD husband is very hard..we love each other very much but I don't think I could carry on for to much longer. It's getting very hard,he is very weird at times, I cannot seem to keep him under control with this terrible disorder.He knows he's not well, and now it's becoming a joke for him when we both know it's a serious matter and if we don't take that into serious consideration, we would lose each other.I don't want to lose him to some DISORDER! it's not fear that we have to go through this, I feel so sad and hurt because I finally found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and now this!.He is so loving at times and then he's the man I don't recognize,he cooks for me, take me beautiful places, and then he chases me like a dog when some co-worker spoil his day or things not going right with him.He want space at times and then again he can't live with out me.There must be a proper environment settings for him or else he is a total freak,NUT CASE.

I asked myself all the time if I should just end it, or help him, I don't know what to do,he put me through so much and it's becoming overbearing,should I stay and try working things out, or stay and be tortured until i really had enough.Enough is already enough.There are times he would just come home from work and don't speak to me,OMG I would feel so unwanted, so horrible and I would ask him what's wrong and he would say NOTHING! by this time I am ready to go by my mother, I  cannot stay and take further abuse for nothing I did not do.Then a few days would pass and I am back with him again.I have been tugging like this for over a year now, and I am In love with an ADHD man and I have to face my own realizations of this over powering sickness that controls our lives,relationships,homes,children,tore apart marriages and damages our inner being.Our communication is never good, he cannot hear the truth about himself and if I ever try to correct him then I would be a threat to him and he would get all upset and call me terrible names,curse me,tell me what a bad wife i am,bad mother,and on and on.It's to upsetting to go into details but I have one hell of a long road ahead of me and I am very scared.....I need some good advice...please someone help me...

Find a good counselor who

Find a good counselor who understands ADHD. Read everything you can about ADHD, and use this site as a source of support. You do not have to put up with abuse just because he has ADHD. He probably wont listen to you without the help of a counselor. Good luck!


Hi waterfall,Thanks for the comment but he would not go for counseling he said that we have to counsel our own marriage..STUPID, I know, but what I have been doing is reading a lot online to see if I could deal with his problem, and I know it's going to be very hard but I never knew he was diagnosed with ADHD untill a month now, and because I know now, I know what to say ,what not to say, how to react around him and I have him by the ba**s..there is no time for stupidness around me no more since I figured him out he is a little less manipulative,impulsive,controlling,etc, etc, FOR NOW but I don't know how long that will last for...time will tell,,,