I am at the end of the rope

I understand my partner has ADHD, but I don't want to raise a man-child.  My anxiety about this manifests itself in insomnia, vomiting for no reason, and inability to function on some days.  On one hand, I feel like I should just be able to walk out but on the other I feel a huge amount of guilt and obligation to stay.   Just this morning, he volunteers to "clean" the kitchen.  I walk in there and the dishwasher is half empty and dishes still piled up in the sink, he apparently lost interest half way through. Forget about putting a salad dressing cap on all the way or closing a ziploc bag - I can not tell you how much food I throw out because he can't be bothered to close a container all the way.   In our bedroom, god forbid a freaking dresser drawer gets shut or clothes make it to the laundry basket and forget about making the bed.  This transfers to even the front door in the middle of winter, he can't shut it all the way closed. Seriously wth. The kitchen cabinets, the dryer door, honestly I feel like I have a kid I didn't want, not a partner.  This is all compounded by the anger - he can not deal with anything that requires effort.  I mean seriously if he thinks making a sandwich gets too difficult because the mustard isn't in clear sight he will get frustrated and walk away.  He complains that I have no attention for anything, that I am the problem.  Admittedly, I do have some ADD myself.  I forget where I put my phone, I am easily distracted at times. I just signed up for counseling, this is not the first go around.  This time I am looking for the help, the courage to leave this all behind.  I want freedom without guilt and I just want to live my life.  I am exhausted with all of this nonsense.   Just needed to vent.  Thank you