I am full of so many emotions!

Hi everyone,

I am from Ontario and I'm new here.  I have been reading a few posts and they have made me feel a bit better, but I am still so full of emotions.  My husband has ADD.  Our marriage of almost 10 years has had many ups & downs and and definitely more downs recently.  I feel since my husband's diagnosis over a year ago that things have actually gotten worse.  Like many other people on this forum I feel like I am at the end of my rope.  I feel like a single parent, and like I am in the relationship all alone half the time.  I try to be patient and feel I am doing better at recognizing the ADD moments, but it is still very hard not to take the frequent outburts to me, personally.  My husband has had job loss, which was/is a huge stress.  Our children suffer since they just want their Daddy and he will often snap at them, which is unfair when they are just calling for their Daddy.  I am mentally exhausted and tired of taking all the crap.  How much longer can I do this?  Can this relationship really be forever?  If it werent for the kids, I would strongly consider leaving, or at least a separation.  He is on meds, and has received counseling, but it is not working.  Things just keep going from bad to worse.  There is no spark anymore, just alot of anger and stress.  I have read and know many struggles of an ADDer, however I feel I have been supportive and I think I am about ready to snap myself.  I feel so hopeless and helpless and wonder if I can and how long I can go on like this.  Thanks for listening....

I just saw this site and

I just saw this site and posted my own story. it reads a lot like yours, I would say. I too feel like a single parent.  Every day feels like such a stress with DH, that I actually feel like really being a single parent would be easier. it's so scary and depressing:(

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Same here

It is the same for me... but I try to take care of myself and the kids. Whatever he does it will be an extra. I don't depend on him much anymore. He doesn't work and have not work for the past 5 years. Now we are in counseling and they remind him every time about working. He just get angry and just last week he was late for the meeting and he call me and I told him that  the counselor and I are waiting for him. He just yell at me and call me to shut up. The counselor couldn't believe the way he was treating me and he was mad because he was late. She explain to him that he can't take his anger at me because he was late. It was his action to be late not me. We went the whole hour about that. He doesn't seem to understand and keep changing the topic. Most of the time we are in counseling he talks all the time and I don't get to say a words. I am hoping soon we will be able to have a better communication.  He has very poor behavior when it come to stress. I am getting the help I need and getting the kids ready for school and taking care of myself. That all you can do. You can't change him.