"I am going to do it!"

My FH was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I am extremely upset with him always saying he is going to do something, and then never actually doing it. Honestly the only way things get done, is when I get on his case demanding that he does it RIGHT now! I am tired of that method. Recently, when things need to be done by a specific date, what I have done is put it into his phone with 2 day reminders. Well, apparently when something needs to be done by a Saturday deadline, he thinks its perfectly fine to have it completed by Monday. And that's with me asking why its not done yet.

I am not sure if he is using his ADHD as an excuse, or its his way of trying to get me to give him more time (or do it myself) but I through a bit of a tantrum yesterday. I pretty much said, "take your ADHD and shove it!"

I know he has ADHD, but come on, its not any reason to not complete something on time. He has reminders in his face!