I am married. My husband is not married.

He NEVER starts a conversation or calls me.  I tested to see how long he would go if I didn't approach him to talk.  Not a word or a nod for OVER FIVE DAYS and it was me who ended up approaching him!!! This weekend there was my family event and I said, "Don't go. You haven't talked to me in days.  I am tired of pretending to people that we are a couple. I will tell the people there we are fighting and I don't want you to be there."  THAT got his attention. He went in his own car anyway and pretended nothing was wrong.  He didn't want THEM to know we weren't getting along.  Then apologized and promised yesterday morning he would be better (A new one!) I said then HE had to approach me to talk.  He promised.  I said, "REMEMBER at 9:30 this morning you are promising to approach me to talk this afternoon - not too late.  I don't believe you will follow through."  He said, I know, I know, I promise.  Then he laughed like I was being silly.  At 7 pm he still had not approached me to talk and when I was leaving he came to the car with an innocent "what?" look on his face - still not talking until I asked why he had not approached me. He started a fight saying I am too hard to talk to.  CRAZY.   I am married.  My husband is not married.