I am new here, hello and.....help!


I am new here and my partner Archie has only just being diagnosed with ADHD [he is 45] even though we have been together for ten years and I have suspected for a long time that this was one of his traits.

I have got a lot of different questions and information I would like to gather!.....but my first question is a bit random, I am hoping someone might help:

The thing is that partly due to Archie's ADHD he is very fidgety, easily dstracted and socially awkward and he often sweats and blushes when he meets new people. He is a professional musician and has mentioned that in social/professional situations people often tend to avoid talking to him due to his awkward demeanour and some have even mistaken his behaviour for being on [illegal] drugs.

I feel this is a particularly unfortunate phenomenon for him, because he is actually quite strongly opposed to drugs [even though in the music business they are often present and colleauges of his have been known to take them, he does not]. One manager of a band he is currently touring with even said to a colleague: "I bet that Archie takes a lot of drugs" just based on his observations of Archie's [possibly erratic, though innocent] behaviour.

This is beginning to really get him down, as he feels he is often mis-perceived and misunderstood and, at worst, could be detrimetal to his career opportunities.

It is sad and frustrating for me to hear him struggling in these ways with people, when he is actually a very sensitve, kind and likeable person.

I suppose my question is how could he best address this so people do not perceive him in this way and that he is given a fair chance to speak to/work with new people?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts,