I Am Overwhelmed When People Are Nice to Me

I had a phone conversation this morning with my investment advisor.  He and his assistant have done much to help with the post-divorce paperwork.  The latest thing is that I found out only last week that ex-h didn't return one of the forms and so I'm still listed as co-owner of an account and thus on the hook for related taxes.  I've contacted ex-h at least a dozen times asking to talk about the matter so I can figure out how to proceed; no responses.  So this morning I called the investment advisor for the second time in a week and asked if the particular form could be reissued and sent again to my ex-h. He said yes, and he also said that he would be willing to hand deliver the form and have it signed on the spot by my ex-h, the next time he's in that city, 150 miles away.

When I got off the phone, I started to cry.  The combination of my general emotional fragility and being treated nicely by a person, especially by a man, brought me to tears.

Has this happened to any of you partners (or ex-partners) of people with ADHD?