I am so frustrated by dirty work clothes worn into the living room


I'm So Exhausted- re: dirty work clothes

My husband does the same thing; except he works in a hospital.  It took me YEARS to get him to stop sitting on our bed with his scrubs on.  I could never sleep well at night, thinking my bed was contaminated by all the ridiculous germs that cling to your clothing from a filthy hospital.  He usually sat on his side of the bed, but when he sat on my side (to use the phone) I would strip it and wash ALL the linens.  I became paranoid that he would sit on my pillow or near the head of my bed, and I wouldn't know it and catch C-diff or something. 

And yes, he would get angry when I said something.  

He also would go to the refrigerator as soon as he came in from work, without stopping to wash his hands.  I would spray the handle with Clorox Clean-Up every time, while glaring at him.  He would say, "I wash my hands all day at work" as if the steering wheel in his car was sterile.  I'd be all, "D*mn, they should put you in a Level 4 Bio-containment unit."