"I can do it myself!"

Except when he couldn't.  Then he didn't want to do it at all.  

Did or does anyone else have this experience with his or her partner?  Here are some examples:  1) My ex wanted to be able to fix anything that broke in the house or on a car but if he couldn't do it, he tended to be reluctant to call a service person.  2) When I asked him for his thoughts about resolving a driver's license issue for one of our daughters, he offered an answer off the top of his head and suggested not digging deeper into the issue despite my research showing that his answer was probably not correct.  He also suggested lying.  3) One time, our car got stuck in a snowbank.  Ex was driving.  A pedestrian walking nearby offered to help push us out.  I accepted the offer, which was successful.  Ex kept saying afterward, "I could have gotten us out! I could have gotten us out!"

This type of behavior was one thing that made it difficult for us to have a marital partnership.