I can't believe I have to keep telling her about the COVID risk!

Following last week's Facebook post of my wife right next to someone without a mask, she told me that she wants to go to a local restaurant with this friend.  I said that it was not safe because they would be eating without masks within six feet of each other.  Then she said they would get takeout and go to the park.

Last night, we went to a special bar.  There were several tables and a few barrels as tables.  I was OK with this because it was just the two of us.  Now she tells me - again after posting this on Facebook! - that she wants to go back there with several friends!  I had to once again point out that she would be too close to people outside of our household without masks.  "Oh, we'll stand then."

If I can't trust her to make good decisions when planning, how can I trust her that she will maintain social distance in the moment when I am not there????  Naturally, she does not think this line of reasoning is "fair."