I can't do this!

I've been really sick the past week.  I missed two days of work because I was coughing so hard.  My sinuses are finally draining, and it feels like my brain is leaking out of my nose.

After my wife left for work, our daughter stalled on getting dressed.  Then she said she could not find the pants my wife left for her.  I found them.  No, those do not fit.  I searched and searched through piles of unorganized clothes and finally found one single pair of tights.  Then she stalled because she could not tell which side was the front.  She refused to just try one side and the switch it around if needed--once she takes them off they are "dirty."  Meanwhile, my son would not get out of bed.  I was on the phone with my wife a lot of the time, but did not get much useful information.  Finally my daughter tried on the tights.  Then she stalled for brushing hair.  By the time I got her to school, it was too late to park in the school lot to sign her in to morning care.  I had to park on the street and hope that it was not a teachers only spot.  Then I still had to drop off our son.

Last night was our couples therapist, but my wife had other plans to see a show.  I was to go by myself.  We don't have a sitter and we can't trust our kids together alone, so our daughter had to come with me.  She refused and refused and refused.  I finally got there about 20 minutes late.

My wife is visiting relatives on the other side of the country next month.  I don't know how I can make it through a week with the kids!

I have told my wife:

1) She can't sleep half an hour later than me.  She needs to get up and start working on the kids when I get up and start working on the pets.

2) Having one set of clothes for our daughter is not good enough.  We have to have choices for her in case she decides she won't wear something.

3) All of our clothes have to be organized, not thrown into mixed piles.  This often happens because my wife will take all of the laundry that was being sorted on our bed and then just throw it into piles without sorting right before bedtime.  I sort the clothes into separate piles and put mine away to the degree that it is possible (we need more space, which we are planning to have by adding a dresser to a spare room--but we have to get around to painting the room first.)

But I have said these things before...