I could really use some advice - non adhd spouse

I am the non adhd spouse and I'm pretty new to figuring this stuff out. My husbands takes vyvanse to help him focus and it does help him. However, it doesn't seem to help with any of the other adhd symptoms like irritability.  When I try to discus this with him he says he only feels irritability when I'm there so it's something in our relationship and not part of his adhd.  I think this might be possible but I'm wondering if anyone else has any input about this?

ex: this morning our dogs chased a runner at the dog park. She came back and asked if we could hold them while she ran away. She was a bit irritated (which I felt was totally understandable) but he was angry with her right away. He was ready to start an altercation with her, finally I stepped in and apologized to her. Then he was angry that I hadn't stood up for him.